ROBOTS and AUTOMATA, are a more elaborate type of self-controlled tools, often referred to as "smart tools", that is, more helpful artifacts that we create to help us make things we need faster, stronger, more cost-effective, safer, better. Functionally they are like helpful "mechanical, smart, strong, brave servants", which are made to facilitate our dealings with the environment, maybe even by imitating ours or other life-like behaviors.

Through our history, we have progressed from using mostly our own bodies, fingers, hands, arms legs, teeth, eyes and ears in our beginnings, to reaching for various raw natural objects: rocks and sticks; then working up to clubs and hammers, bows and arrows, wrenches, drills, pliers and presses, then adding the power of animals and other natural forces: wind, river or sea water flows, steam and gasoline ignition, electrical and magnetic forces and engines; creating machines that weave textiles, mill, grind blend and cook food, refrigerators and air conditioners, cash registers, vending machines, vacuum cleaners, clothes washing machines, transportation vehicles, etc. to the awesome devices and powerful tools we see in the present. Can you think of other?

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